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Dear Kewill Total Compliance/ECS/RDPS Customer,

In an ongoing effort to improve the integrity, stability, and resiliency of the TotalCompliance, ECS, and applications, we will be migrating to a new data center in December 2016.

Kewill views this as an important operational enhancement to our Cloud offerings that provides greater security for our customers due to newer SSL certificates, which are not vulnerable to attacks. The new data center will also have increased redundancy across all aspects of the application, which will provide for greater system reliability with more a robust high-availability hardware infrastructure. In addition, performance will be improved by newer and more powerful hardware and faster network connectivity.

Your organization will be responsible for scheduling the move to Stage and Production by January 31st, 2017. If you have not scheduled your move prior to January 31st, 2017, access to your system will be shut off of February 1st, 2017. To schedule your move, please open a ticket through the Kewill Portal at or call 1-866-649-1900.

To receive email communications regarding the move please open a ticket through the portal or call the 866-649-1900 number and ask to receive communications for ECSMOVE.


The Kewill Support Team